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Watch Pink Skies Ahead Online for Free

Pink Skies Ahead

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Released: 2020
Run time: 94 min.
Views: 145
TV-14 (?)

A young woman struggles with an anxiety disorder after dropping out of school.

Director: Kelly Oxford
Starring: Rosa SalazarLewis PullmanAlexandra PaulHenry WinklerMelora WaltersDevon BostickMichael McKeanOdeya RushMarcia Gay HardenJessica Barden
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interesting movie, it has its obvious strengths and clear weaknesses, but the film tries its best to display humor while serious addressing mental health, in this case anxiety disorder as the lead character really is trying to overcome a series of setbacks from university not working out, to living with her parents and the issues that comes of not finding a job while her parents want her to stand on her own. I'm sure countless of us can relate to that. my only problem was I found the main character sometimes very hard to empathize with, found her very childish at times and her tone and development never really changes but as the film progress you'll find a soft spot for her and really feel her going through the struggles. its an enter at your own risk film but yeah a so-so film that has its strengths.


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