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No Time to Die

Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller
Released: 2021
Run time: 163 min.
Views: 17,515
12 (?)

James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

Director: Cary Fukunaga
Starring: Daniel CraigJeffrey WrightNaomie HarrisBen WhishawChristoph WaltzRalph FiennesLashana LynchLéa SeydouxRami MalekAna de Armas
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Oh my gosh i loved this movie so much for so many reasons it's a wonderful movie very. Entertaining kept me on edge from start to finish a thrill for sure. I simply loved it so need a good movie for tonight check this out it's a great movie


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Best thing for poor James is to die. There is no much place left for him that is politically correct! The movie is post-Covid long syndrome scripted and of the Dark Side of the Moon. Recommended only to those that have watched the previous 2 movies and not on depression treatment. I really enjoyed the lion's roar at the beginning and Mrs Ana De Armas fighting scenes. 5/10

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@Nasos I really enjoyed your review smiley smiley


senior master
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They could have stopped after the first 23.5 minutes and it would have been great. But they didn't. Pity really.

Seemed like a paint by numbers Bond movie but the villians just weren't villiany enough, M just wasn't Judy Dench enough and Daniel Craig wasn't fresh enough.

By no means is this the worst Bond film, but it was way too long.


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I actually went to the cinema to watch this with my partner and her 9 year old daughter.
We had to submit a lateral flow test showing we were covid negative and every other row was kept empty.
It was a surreal experience.
As to the film …..
Well, It was probably Daniel Craigs worst stint as Bond and once again he comes out of retirement to save the world but everyone is younger and fitter and treats him like the anachronism he is.
It’s very PC and by the numbers and very very long.
I found it all a bit tedious and kept comparing it to Casino Royal and Skyfall and decided it’s a one time watch.
Can’t say much about the plot without spoilers but suffice it to say, they chose the perfect artiste for the theme tune to match the dreary , creaking somber outing.
If you watch it and love it, I’m pleased for you but I’m afraid I can only give it 4/10


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6.75 out of 10.
Bond 25 has the usual ingredients of a typical 007 film--fast cars, incredible stunts, lovely ladies, cool gadgets, a massive villain lair and exotic locations, but it also lacks wit, humor and sauciness which form the essence in Ian Fleming's novels. It is one of the most emo and dour entries in the franchise that has taken itself too seriously since the Craig era. Craig is back in his fifth and last outing as a retired Bond asked by his friend at the CIA to help find a scientist in charge of Project Heracles, a bioweapon coded with lethal DNA. I have never been sold on Craig as Bond because he looked more like a thug than an agent plus his large ears are distracting. In this film, he appears haggard and joyless. Even Bond girl/love interest Seydoux, as psychotherapist Dr. Swann, is exhaustively glum. Bond 25 is insanely long at 163 minutes and feels protracted and sluggish in many parts. Its generic conflicts were handled and addressed better in previous installments while its connection and references to other movies would make more sense if you have seen them. ...
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top expert
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My name is Backlund... Bob Backlund

Great Final outing this had it all, everything you want from a Bond movie this delivers and more, I think I'm now in love with Ana de Armas. Daniel Craig we will miss you sir.

9/10 Crossface chicken wings


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On the one hand, what are you doing to do not gonna watch the new Bond movie? On the other...two hours and thirty eight minutes. (And I like long movies!)

Getting into a bit I once knew a guy who believed in vampires. Yeah, he was nineteen, and just thought they were out there somewhere not that he'd met them. Though from what I gathered he didn't think they were some parallel species, but actually mystical, immortal, as well as transmissible. He thought it would be pretty cool to live forever. I explained to be a vampire wasn't to live. It was to be dying. Forever.
That's what it is to watch this movie, the title is literal. You will long for life, and long for death. You will receive neither. You will have...No Time To Die.

Then again I liked Quantum of Solace well enough, so what do I know? For that matter Ana de Armas was quite charming.

Also I don't hate Woke movies. I mean i'd kind of like to see a good one at some point, but i'm sure they'll figure it out eventually. Most likely just in time to move on to the next form of not just lazy, but at least borderline aggressively incompetent corporate pandering. Well at least it let them round at the run tim-oh, wait.

To sum up, it's not as hard a sit as I may have given the impression, there is plenty of action, but this movie, (legitimate spoiler) [SPOILER] ...
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top expert
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SEEMS that Bond, Moneypenney, and Q need to bypass M and the new 007 to stop SPECTRE from releasing a new DNA-Targetable bioweapon..


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Oh, it wasn't so bad. After all, it's just a Bond film.
The extra covid wait may have built up over-anticipation.
It's not as good as the previous recents, but hey.
Not a horrible capstone to Craig's Bond.
I'd rather have watched it than missed out.


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I loved seeing Daniel Craig repraising this roll. He was absotlutely great.


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