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Genre: Adventure / Drama / Romance
Released: 2017
Run time: 81 min.
Views: 259
6.3/10 from 0 users.
PG-13 (?)

In this Southern Gothic coming-of-age tale, an isolated and troubled young man, Moss, meets a mysterious and beautiful hiker on the banks of the river near his home on his eighteenth birthday. She guides him on a journey of self-discovery and helps him overcome the tragic death of his mother and the shadow it has cast on his relationship with his detached father.

Director: Daniel Peddle
Starring: Mitchell SlaggertWilliam RothwellCarlene FergusonSue PhilemonHannah JohnstonCohen BratcherErby Dalmus BurtonBilly Ray SuggsDorian CobbChristine Marzano
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