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Major Payne

Aka: Auf Kriegsfuß mit Major Payne
I megali ton lohagon sholi
Il maggiore Payne
Genre: Comedy
Released: 1995
Run time: 93 min.
Views: 30,778
PG-13 (?)

He's looking for a few good men... or a few guys old enough to shave.

Director: Nick Castle
Starring: Damon WayansMichael IronsideWilliam HickeyAlbert HallMichael GabelRobert Faraoni Jr.Joshua Todd DiveleyDavid DeHartMark ConwayStephen ColemanPeyton Chesson-FohlOrlando BrownJoseph BlaireScott BigelowRoss Bickell
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I watch this each year! and still laughing through it! By the way everybody..
Merry Christmas!! and all people in Watch Movies Inc.


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It wasn't "that" funny. I'd give a 7.2/10


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