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I Am Richard Pryor

Genre: Documentary / Biography
Released: 2019
Run time: 92 min.
Views: 109
6.5/10 from 0 users.
Not Rated (?)

I Am Richard Pryor tells the story of the legendary performer and iconic social satirist, who transcended race and social barriers by delivering his honest irreverent and biting humor to America's stages and living rooms until his death at 65. Featuring an iconic comedic cast, historians, activists and artists who provide a unique brushstroke into the complex world of Pryor. The film dives deeply into the psyche of a comedic genius whose mother was a prostitute, father a pimp, and grandmother a madam. Pryor dispensed a penetrating comedic view of African American life - essentially comedy ... Read more 

Director: Jesse James Miller
Starring: Sandra BernhardIshmael ReedJennifer Lee PryorThom MountHowie MandelHenry JaglomTiffany HaddishMike EppsRon De BlasioTodd Boyd
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