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Watch Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms Online for Free

Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms

Aka: Hellboy Animated: Schwert der Stürme
Genre: Animation / Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Released: 2006
Run time: 73 min.
Views: 3,544
8.2/10 from 5 users.
12 (?)

A university professor reads a forbidden scroll and becomes possessed by the twin demons of Thunder and Lightning. The demons want to come to the human world to awaken their brothers, the dragons. Hellboy and company travel to Japan to investigate where Hellboy finds the Sword of Storms which transports him to a world of Japanese folklore.

Starring: Ron PerlmanGwendoline YeoMitchell WhitfieldJames SiePaul NakauchiPhil LaMarrClyde KusatsuMichael HagiwaraKim Mai GuestKeith FergusonLiza Del MundoDee Bradley BakerPeri GilpinDoug JonesSelma Blair
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very good movie i like it when he acts passive then trash his enemies that reminds me of dante(devil may cry) 5/5


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but enjoyed it none the less. The art work does look like Jackie Chan Adventures as another poster commented..but a good 4/5 just for the sake of keeping me interested, being a cartoon, and being hellboy


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i love my comic books and i think hellboy is great comic to movie compared to some marvel comics to film i espically love the animated versons they are AWSUM


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Watch this movie if you haven't already. Worth Watching!!


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Had a few nice touches but on the whole dissapointing combat scenes. 2/5


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