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Gardens of the Night

Genre: Drama
Released: 2008
Run time: 110 min.
Views: 8,721
R (?)

An 8-year-old girl is taken from her home and convinced that her family does not want her anymore. After enduring 9 years of horror, she and her fellow victim are dumped by their captures. Now, 17 years old and no one to turn to, except each other they do their best to survive life on the streets, until one day she finally accepts the help of a shelter counselor to find her way home. However, what she truly finds is the love of her life and that you can never go back. "Gardens of the Night", is a haunting, gritty and topical story which delves deep into the world of child abduction and where i... Read more 

Director: Damian Harris
Starring: Gillian JacobsRaynold GideonJeremy SistoHarold PerrineauJermaine Scooter SmithKevin ZegersTom ArnoldRyan SimpkinsEvan RossJohn Malkovich
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This movie was better then I thought it would be.What they went through was really sad.It's really sad that there are so many sick people in this world that prey on children.This movie also shows how children can be affected by people like that.


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