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Genre: Documentary
Released: 2008
Run time: 112 min.
Views: 2,359
Not Rated (?)

Record high oil prices, global warming, and an insatiable demand for energy: these issues will be the catalyst for heated debates and positive change for many years to come. 2008 Sundance award-winning film FUEL exposes shocking connections between the auto industry, the oil industry and the government, while exploring alternative energies such as solar, wind, electricity and non-food-based biofuels. Josh Tickell and his Veggie Van take us on the road as we discover the pros and cons of biofuels, how America’s addiction to oil is destroying the U.S. economy and how green e... Read more 

Director: Joshua Tickell
Starring: Joshua TickellDwight D. EisenhowerJeremiah DupreDeborah DupreLarry DavidSheryl CrowJimmy CarterGeorge W. BushRichard BransonBarbara Boxer
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haha ever see when you look at picture and ghost jumps out ansd scream? and scare you? haha this moie like dat

bopring to start but great finish. i jump 4/5


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The first ten minutes are boring, but its the first movie to make me jump in a long time.


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