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Fit for a Prince

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Released: 2021
Run time: 90 min.
Views: 733
TV-G (?)

A fashion designer is hired to dress ladies of a wealthy family which are hosting an upcoming charity ball. Cindy's life takes an unexpected turn when Prince Ronan becomes smitten with her.

Director: Marita Grabiak
Starring: Jonathan KeltzNatalie HallRebecca LamarcheIsh MorrisTanya ClarkeParis JeffersonMary LongMelinda Michael
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too hallmark'y really. was a typical one, not very impressive dresses either. i was expecting better dresses atleast. but nice watch altogether. good as a background for studying


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Usual Hallmark passive aggressive pap, based around the Cinderella story, this time in the faschion industry for the clothes obsessed. The clothes are pretty, the people are pretty and the grandmotherly character is hilarious. Not to be confused with the godmother character who is absent as is the shoe incident. Did NOT like the resolution at the end re: the stepmother type character. There needed more come uppance. Otherwise a very cute and pretty movie with lots of model-beautiful people.


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