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Femalien II (1998) user reviews

Femalien II movie

User Reviews (2)

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Good movie. The storyline works. The movie name isn't that representative of this movie: Female-Alien, as there are both male and female aliens. The company that produces these movies have many other sci-fi, horror, and soft-core adult. Info at www fullmoonlibrary dot com.


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A good follow up if you're looking for this sort of late night fare. Decent story line and of course very sexy (especially the unrated version). While both the Sci-Fi storyline and the mature sexuality present in this film are virtually indistinguishable from Part 1, maybe a slight edge could be given to part 1 on the former and part 2 on the latter. Either/or - it delivers what you're looking for it to. Attractive actresses abound - most notably Bethany Lorraine - with veteran Amy Lindsay having a prominent role in the film as well. The worst thing Cinemax ever did was stop showing these kinds of films - or maybe they just aren't being made anymore? Either way, like Femalien Part 1, Part 2 is a stand-out in its genre for the last 90's-turn of the century.



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