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Endgame 2050

Genre: Documentary
Released: 2020
Run time: 93 min.
Views: 189
7.3/10 from 3 users.
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What will the future be like in the year 2050? Endgame 2050 is a feature-length documentary that gives us a glimpse into that future, and it does not look good. Featuring musician Moby along with leading scientists, and created by physician turned environmentalist Sofia Pineda Ochoa, Endgame 2050 is an urgent call to action to tackle the existential crises bearing down on the planet.

Director: Sofia Pineda Ochoa
Starring: Sofia Pineda OchoaAlicia GravesJames GerberDavid M. RompsMalcom PottsClaire KremenWilliam RyersonBoris WormPaul EhrlichMoby
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