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Dont Deliver Us from Evil

Aka: Don't Deliver Us from Evil
But don't deliver us from Evil
E non liberarci dal male
Genre: Drama / Horror
Released: 1971
Run time: 102 min.
Views: 19,531
5.3/10 from 4 users.
Unrated (?)

Anne and Lore, neighbors and best friends, barely into their teens, board at a convent school where they have taken a vow to sin and to serve Satan. Anne keeps a secret diary, they read a salacious novel, they get a classmate in trouble, they spy on the nuns, they set aside their communion wafers; they make a pact of devotion. Summer vacation starts: Anne's parents leave her alone with the servants for two months at the family château. She and Lore are free to make mischief. They are cruel as well and play games of seduction. As summer ends and fall term begins, things come to a head.

Director: Joël Séria
Starring: Jeanne GoupilHenri PoirierNicole MérouzeJean-Pierre HelbertVéronique SilverMichel RobinMarc DudicourtGérard DarrieuBernard DhéranCatherine Wagener
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After watching Dont Deliver Us from Evil I need to confess that I have never seen more tremendous story of two people. My 7/10 for this masterpiece.


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