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Doc. 33

Genre: Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Released: 2011
Run time: 63 min.
Views: 437
R (?)

In 1998, four Italian filmmakers disappear in the Austrian Alps while shooting a documentary. Only now their footage has been made public.

Director: Giacomo Gabrielli
Starring: Veronica DelmarcoPatrizia VargiuLuigi DefrancescoGiuliano VarescoFederica GabrielliMario VanzoMaria Vittoria VidaJacopo BellanteDiego CavadaCarla Vargiu
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This is a foreign found footage film with English subtitle about a group of kid who are trying to conjure up certain spirits in an abandoned nunnary/orphanage. The actors were pretty good and I really liked the story and the setting. It's so creepy and spooky, but not really enticing. Very amateurish, but decent if you're bored. Sometimes it was a little hard to read the subtitles because they blended in with the black and white background. They should have chosen a different color, but it was alright. 4/10🌟


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