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Conspiracy Theory

Aka: Fletchers Visionen
Teoria da Conspiração
Теория заговора
Genre: Crime / Mystery / Romance / Thriller
Released: 1997
Run time: 130 min.
Views: 12,344
R (?)

Jerry Fletcher is a man in love with a woman he observes from afar. She works for the government. Fletcher is an outspoken critic of that government. He has conspiracy theories for everything, from aliens to political assassinations. But soon, one of his theories finds itself to be accurate. But which one? Some dangerous people want him dead and the only person he trusts is that woman he loves but does not know.

Director: Richard Donner
Starring: Mel GibsonSaxon TrainorCece Neber LabaoG.A. AguilarBrian J. WilliamsRich HebertJim SterlingMichael PottsRod McLachlanAlex McArthurTerry AlexanderSteve KahanCylk CozartPatrick StewartJulia Roberts
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Great movie. Just proves that you are not paranoid if everyone really is out to get you. Strange seeing Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek Next Generation) play a villain, but other than that enjoyable. Big brother is out to get Mel Gibson, black helicopters and all. Ending leaves many questions unanswered but it also allows the imagination to go wild.


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One of the reasons that I liked this movie is BECAUSE of the seeming paranoia. After I watched it, I googled some of the things that he mentions in the movie, and I told my brother.."you remember that scene where he talked about earthquakes?" And my brother answered my question.."It's true, right?" It turns out that a lot of things that are mentioned in the movie are not conspiracy theories, but facts,..which REALLY freaks me out! How much more is going on that I never even HEAR about? Gibson is fantastic. Especially the part with the wheel chair. A really talented guy. Julia Roberts is just beautiful, and a really good actress. Together they make this a movie to remember. 9/10



i sneaked in back in 97' to watch this. boy was i lucky, cause this is a great film. love the story a lot. mel and patrcik were awesome. i do recommend. 3 of 4 stars very good.


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I saw this one years ago, it took me by surprise then, and again today. I love conspiracy theories! In my opinion this is one of J.R.& M.G.best. They were both great actors even way back when. Either you have talent or you don't, you do not learn it. They have good vibrations together.


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It seemed kind of..pointless.


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