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Boot Polish

Aka: Boula, to loustraki ton Indion
Le petit cireur
Genre: Drama
Released: 1958
Run time: 149 min.
Views: 5,718
8.2/10 from 0 users.
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The story of two destitute children, Bhola and his younger sister Belu, who beg in the slums in return for the shelter provided by the abusive Kamla. Their neighbour, John's simple words 'Starve, die, but don't beg' inspires the kids to stop begging and Bhola resolves to become a bootblack. But when they fail to bring money back to Kamla, she throws the pair out.

Director: Prakash Arora
Starring: Kumari NaazBhudo AdvaniNissarMohanbaliShailendraBhupendra KapoorVeeraChand BurkeDavid AbrahamRattan Kumar
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