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Birds of Prey

Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime
Released: 2020
Run time: 109 min.
Views: 30,725
16 (?)

When the most narcissistic of Gotham's thugs, Roman Sionis, and his devoted right hand Zsasz target a certain Cass, the whole city is involved in the search for the girl. An incredible coincidence crosses the roads of Harley, Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoyi. Four completely different women have no choice. They have to work together to defeat Roman.

Written by: 4ntymateria
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Director: Cathy Yan
Starring: Margot RobbieSara MontezDavid UryAli WongChris MessinaElla Jay BascoEwan McGregorJurnee SmollettMary Elizabeth WinsteadRosie Perez
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Storylines (plots) from our users

(1 year ago)

When the most narcissistic of Gotham's thugs, Roman Sionis, and his devoted right hand Zsasz target a certain Cass, the whole city is involved in the search for the girl. An incredible coincidence crosses the roads of Harley, Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoyi. Four completely different women have no choice. They have to work together to defeat Roman.

(1 year ago)

Harley Quinn, willing to prove to everyone in Gotham City that she is able to take care of herself after her split with Mr. J, teams up with Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya in order to survive Gotham's new Bad Guy, Ronin Sionis.

Birds of Prey - user reviews (47)

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I liked this much more than I thought I was going to. Lots of kick ass action. I love acrobatics fused in with it. Margot Robbie as HarleyQuinn is freaking awesome. I just love Margot in anything she does, but she's perfect for this character. We've had several different actors play the same Gotham characters over the years, but I can't picture anyone else in the HarleyQuinn role. I've always thought that jurnee Smollett was so beautiful. She has a different kind of beauty about her and doesn't even have to try to bring it out. I hadn't seen her in anything in a while so it was cool seeing her in this bad ass role. Honestly, the whole cast was great, but one that I didn't completely buy into was Mary Elizabeth Winstead (the bow and arrow chic). She just didn't have the vibe or look for this character. And it wasn't so much in terms of her body or anything like that. It was more like her face and her facial expressions that were just off and didn't fit or look right. ...
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the original birds of prey were a retired/injured batgirl, huntress daughter of batman and cat woman, and daughter of the original black canary. will be interesting to check this out. harley quinn is a great anti hero


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Im comic book lover and the movies they make. I seen this movie already and it will only please some, but I LOVED IT. I hope we get many more R Rated films and the Marvel films are genius and excellent, if you want to see women kick ass that are based in comics. Here it is. I have high Hope's for THE BATMAN coming up and hopefully SILVER SURFER Stand Alone film which should happen soon. I recommend this movie if you enjoy these kinds of movies

Harley Quinn and her associates do justice as does Ewan McGregor as Roman Sionis/Black Mask
It was great


top expert
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My rating is really a 9/10. Really enjoyed it. A very fun ride you didn't want to end so quickly. Loved how the main female characters played off of each other, making each individual stand out from the others. As long as you don't take it too serious, for what it is, it's really an enjoyable film, more so than a lot of even marvel movies lately, where they all seem to have the same settings and has become far too predictable. I like how this movie made you feel like you was watching a movie, and not anything more than that. I think the lead character, Harley, is more relatable to the average person than most super hero characters are, because we can all get, and have gotten a little crazy, and out of our normal selves at times, and feeling misunderstood.


senior guru
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Certainly this was a great movie to watch, I enjoy it very much from start all the way to the end, and I also liked the way Harley Queen narrates the story throughout the film, also the storyline was very entertaining and the acting was great indeed. The fight scenes were great and there's no doubt that Margot Robbie is the perfect actress for the role of Harley Queen. smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


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I kinda wish they had made a proper Birds of Prey movie instead of having them be some kind of Harley Quinn backup group or something but it could only be because I'm reaching Margot Robbie fatigue. I wasn't as fond of her in Suicide Squad as everyone seemed to be so years of Robbie popping up everywhere haven't helped.
Nevertheless, even though it does no service to the actual Birds of Prey team, the movie is a good popcorn watch. Nothing new but a good time waster.


top expert
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I had heard such disparaging reviews of the movie that I was hesitant to watch.
Gladly, all the nay-sayers are incorrect! Maybe most people when into the movie expecting something and were disappointed not to see their own vision but this movie is amusing, entertaining and explosive! Naturally, it's visually stunning and I really identified with the main character when her breakfast sandwich well... no spoilers.
However, I can only recommend that this movie be banned in all countries and planets, as one of the main characters litters at the end.


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I wanted to like this more, but I just can't handle any of these recent DC universe movies. It seems like nonsense to start with the group movies like Justice League and Suicide Squad and then break off into indivdual movies with references to the previous ones all throughout. I couldn't get into this.


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Loved this movie watched it so many times never get bored of this one :)


top expert
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Brilliant movie! Everything was awesome...action action action...comedy by the bucket load! Definitely watch! 10/10


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