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Genre: Drama / Adult
Released: 1980
Run time: 77 min.
Views: 73,536
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A husband pulls up morning sex from his bored housewife. It ends shortly and he leaves for work. At work, the husband's businesswoman employer emasculates him, but secretly fantasizes of him controlling her. Back home, the housewife makes up for earlier by fantasizing of a street stranger as her dream lover. Meanwhile, the couple's teenage daughter pleasures herself in the shower. In a restaurant, a woman fantasizes of being "Tonight's Dinner" for a tennis pro and the teenager's elegant aunt and uncle. In the toilets, the tennis pro appears in the older aunt's fantasy. A woman fantasizes of he... Read more 

Director: Henri Pachard
Starring: Arcadia LakeMerle MichaelsDave RubyDebbie RevengeDavid MorrisSamantha FoxEric EdwardsVanessa del RioRobert KermanBobby Astyr
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