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Genre: Action / Drama
Released: 2019
Run time: 130 min.
Views: 638
9.3/10 from 4 users.
Not Rated (?)
South Korea;

Stagnant since 1903, at an elevation of 2,744 m, a volcano erupts on the mythical and majestic Baekdu Mountain.

Director: Byung-seo KimHae-jun Lee
Starring: Byung-hun LeeChristopher GordonJai DayAmy AlehaDaniel Joey AlbrightRobert Curtis BrownSuzy BaeDong-seok MaHye-jin JeonJung-woo Ha
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all in one film, i was entertained from start to finish.


senior guru
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I loved this movie, it was action all the way through, the special effects did not look out of place and there were even some comedy moments, 10/10 from me.


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