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Animatrix, The

Aka: Animatrix - Der letzte Flug der Osiris
Animatrix: El último vuelo de Osiris
Animatrix: Osiriksen viimeinen lento
Genre: Action / Animation / Sci-Fi / Short
Released: 2003
Run time: 101 min.
Views: 4,724
PG-13 (?)

Thaddeus and Jue, the senior officers of the hovership The Osiris, have their erotic martial arts sparring session interrupted when the crew discovers a dire threat to the hidden city of Zion. The crew resolves to warn the settlement, but they are immediately detected by the machines and the chase is on. Now Jue must enter the Matrix to send the warning and hope that her comrades can hold off the enemy until she can complete her mission.

Director: Andy Jones
Starring: Kevin Michael RichardsonAtsuko YuyaMakoto YasumuraTomotake ShigematsuHaruo SatôMizuki SaitoAkio ÔtsukaMiyoko AsôBette FordTara StrongRick GomezTom KennyJohn Di MaggioPamela Adlon
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