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Genre: Thriller
Released: 2020
Run time: 81 min.
Views: 1,539
1.9/10 from 8 users.
Not Rated (?)

"Alone" follows a writer seeking peace and solitude in the countryside in an attempt to recover from tragedy and finish her book. However, as the welcoming country house turns into a living hell, she soon realizes that her inner demons are not the worst of her problems.

Director: Vladislav Khesin
Starring: Elizabeth ArendsCircus-SzalewskiChrista AtkinsCaesar JamesGraham JenkinsKyle DondlingerDane MajorsBailey CoppolaAlbina KatsmanSara Anne
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Alone - user reviews (5)

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senior guru
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OK it was not long before I was bored with this movie and they should not have made it would have been better if they just left it "ALONE" , You may sit thinking it will pick up anytime but if just does not. Bad and I though it sounded OK shows what they put for the plot means nothing if the script is just bad.



Ermm... I think even I could act better than these guys. There was a lot of over-acting during any time one of the characters got excited or aggitated and you can tell that they are being prompted/directed to start a scene or do do certain things in scenes because it was unnatural the way they did it. Similar to a dancer performing a newly learned routine. She's practiced it numerous times, but still watching for cues because she isn't quite there yet. These actors performed like that. Like they had practiced and learned the scenes the same way a dancer would practice and learn a dance routine. It's like they were focused on their body's physical movements being timed perfectly with words being spoken instead of focusing on the scene as a whole, the emotions/ mood the character and letting how the character would respond physically come more naturally once your in that mind set. The dark haired girl, Hailey, was the worst female when it comes to that and her recent ex boyfriend, nate, was the worst guy. The rest weren't too far behind. The rest of the time, as long as they were in a normal, chill mood then the acting was fairly decent. There was nothing special about the story or that seperated it from any other movie like this. Not even what made it absolutely terrible. Speaking of... what the freaking hell?? How tf does [SPOILER] ...
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top expert
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Not sure if my rating matters, considering I never finished the film. It was hard to watch because it was so boring and the characters were either melodramatic or completely illogical. This movie is so low-budgeted and terribly written. It's why I could barely get through 37 minutes of the movie. Don't waste your time watching this unless you have so much time to waste.

Maybe the film picks up after a while. I guess I'll never know until someone else reviews this movie.


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Wow. I just saw Nicolas Cage's mini-me in Jesse. And guess what? He's his nephew. Poor thing. Just as bad as his uncle. Enough said. As for this mess of a movie, there's not much to say. It's all over the place. But the worse, is the "acting", and the dismal dialogue. It was so incredibly bad, that I had to laugh, if I didn't want to cry. It was pointless and painful to watch. Even the "twist" did nothing to save this turkey. Stay away from it.


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This one sounded great but wasn't quite that. I was extremely bored in it very quickly on and it didn't seem to be picking up at all. The acting was ok but not good enough for you to feel a connection or draw you in.

Teeny 💋👎


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