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Watch Two and a Half Men Online for Free

Two and a Half Men
The Price of Healthy Gums Is Eternal Vigilance
Season 2  |  Episode 6

Genre: Comedy
Released: 2003 - 2015
Air date: 2004-10-25
13 users

After confessing responsibility for a childhood shoplifting incident blamed on Alan, Charlie seeks the forgiveness of his now infuriated brother.

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Starring: Jon CryerAngus T. JonesCharlie SheenConchata FerrellHolland Taylor
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Storylines (plots) from our users

senior guru
(1 day ago)

25 years ago Charlie planted Silly Putty on Alan and Alan was caught by the store security guard. Their mom still believes he did it and tells Jake about it. Alan thinks he actually did steel the Silly Putty and blocked it out. He remains vigilant to keep bad Alan in check. Charlie finally admits that it was him and Alan is none too happy about it, not to mention Evelyn.

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senior guru
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This is a great episode. Jake is amazed at the evil genius of Charlie when he turns Alan into a mule to steel something from a toy store. Rose is hilarious when she tries to help Charlie with his problems with Alan.


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