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The Outsider
Season 1  |  Episode 10

Genre: Thriller
Released: 2020
Air date: 2020-03-08
202 users

The group finds itself in a climactic showdown in their last-ditch effort to root out El Coco.

Starring: Yul VazquezBill CampDerek CecilJulianne NicholsonBen MendelsohnMarc MenchacaJohn GettierCynthia ErivoJeremy BobbJason BatemanSummer Fontana
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User Reviews (7)

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top expert
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Beautifully done,c'mon season two.


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That wasn't exactly how I thought it would end but still great. I had really thought they would stretch into another season. Overall a great series!


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@Teeny💋 you didn't see the mid credit scene? it might not be over

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@vintage I hope not.

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@vintage Yes I saw that. It just felt like it was done 💋

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@Teeny💋 well I hope it is as I felt like they wrapped everything up


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In in the face of suppression, I keep coming back to Two-Movies, because i can see what is popular, what's new and soak in the atmosphere of a thousand couch potatoes (just kidding), film enthusiasts. [See comments in the thread for background]

I love this episode, as it leaves one to contemplate, just what would you do if something hell bent on evil decimated your life and your family, and then good wins, and you have to deal with healing and forgiveness.


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