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The Mentalist
Jolly Red Elf
Season 3  |  Episode 10

Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Released: 2008 - 2015
Air date: 2010-12-09
13 users

While CBI investigates the death of a Santa, Patrick discovers that he is a suspect in the death of a cop killer who was set on fire while in police custody.

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Starring: Simon BakerRobin TunneyTim KangOwain YeomanAmanda Righetti
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Storylines (plots) from our users

senior guru
(2 days ago)

Santa falls from the sky onto a sleigh full of Christmas presents. Jane determines that it isn't the real Santa Claus by his scent. The Santa Claus guild is pointing their fingers at each other offering up motive after motive against their fellow Santas. A murder suspect in custody is set on fire, killing him and Jane is the lead suspect. Patrick goes to the former CBI Agent in Charge, Virgil Minelli for help. He also goes undercover in an addiction group. Patrick participates in a radical anti-addiction approach.

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senior guru
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Great episode. Lots of cool things happening, as usual. I can't believe Patrick is a suspect in the burning death of someone in police custody, it's an obvious set-up. But, it's fun to watch Patrick get drunk. They should include more drinking in the Mentalist. Perhaps some bar scenes. He can do bar tricks and win at pool...etc.


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