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Swamp Thing
Loose Ends
Season 1  |  Episode 10

Genre: Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Released: 2019
Air date: 2019-08-02
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Still reeling with the revelation of the truth behind his existence, Swamp Thing fights back against the team hunting him to protect his world.

Starring: Henderson WadeMichael BeachGiven SharpLeonardo NamSherri RobinsonRobert FortunatoKevin DurandSelena AnduzeMaria StenCrystal ReedWill PattonDerek MearsVirginia MadsenAndy BeanJennifer BealsElle Graham
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User Reviews (4)

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I know that the blind lady can see thru her 3rd eye, but sometimes she's More blind than others like when she's leaving the asylum behind that Dr. Abby chic with her came in tow and catches the door before it closes and as she's holding it open for herself to get out of the door, she stops and turns back giving whats her face (Avery's wife) that longing "good bye I'll miss you" look. #1 how did she see when and where to grab it without fumbling and #2 how is she giving longing stares to someone she can't see??? anyway, I really love this show and hate that it was stopped before it even got started. It really is a fantastic show and I still think it's worth getting into even though it's so short-lived.


senior guru
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I'm so sad that this was cancelled. I really enjoyed this show.


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It would have better if there was a season 2. As I predicted there was no epic ending.
I really hope some other network picks it up and give us a second season.

It was a pretty good episode. Not good enough knowing that there won't be anymore.

My review for this episode is still 10/10.


senior guru
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They should have not canceled the show is getting real good now I really like it now I hope they renew it for another eight seasons


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