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Watch Star Trek: Picard Online for Free

Star Trek: Picard
Season 2  |  Episode 10

Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Released: 2020
Air date: 2022-05-05
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With just hours until the Europa Launch, Picard and the crew find themselves in a race against time to save the future.

Starring: Patrick StewartSantiago CabreraIsa BrionesAlison PillHarry TreadawayMichelle HurdRebecca Wisocky
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Eh. Just like the Picard's old Star Trek, Q is the most interesting character next to Data.

I was expecting that Black hole looking thing to actually [SPOILER].. Maybe they will bring him back in another 20 years.


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Epic ending to an epic season. I so look forward to season 3, which is the final one. I know some of the characters won't be back, but my understanding is that we will see back more of the Star Trek Next Generation's old characters.
Great acting, great writing, and a mix of old and new plots and characters made this season excellent. It will be hard to top this one. I give this show 5 out of 5 stars.


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Great season ending that wraps uo 30 year relationship bettween Q and JL. Just a wonderful episode. Pity we will see the last of Agnes as Agnes. Loved her character, great script writting for her character. I'd like to see Rios back in the 3rd season. Jeri plays an amazing Seven, more of her would be great. Also Liked that Will Crusher came back to recruit Cori. The one character that needs a major overhaul is Raffi. Orla Brady is amazing, totally fell for Laris /Talon, glad to see she was cast having also played a great part in Fringe as Walternate's wife. Well acted but an awful character, very immature. Looking forwardto S3.


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That was an excellent season finale. The whole season was great.
And…everything worked out quite well, and magnanimously. It seems that Q has matured from a mischievous child omnipotent into a benevolent and loving omnipotent…Picard is freed from his dark past and has the capacity to be loved… Well done Q.
Good news…Season three was filmed immediately after season two. Filming wrapped up for season three around March 2022.
We're probably looking at an early 2023 release date. I will be looking forward to it.

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top expert
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Man, this was the good stuff! Q´s Goodbye was really the Awww moment for me. Very well played, very well.
I can´t belive Agnes turned The Borg around!
That`s the huge thing here for me. But they got her head weird. They seem to have gone with Photo Shop on that one- didn´t look like a Queen at all. But- She kept her word- that´s another huge thing.
Well, I hope we don´t have to wait too long for more!
They got so much right in this season, there might be hope for Star Trek after all :)
I loved how all the old guys grew in terms of acting. Soong was awsome.


senior guru
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Very, very well-done finale. That's how you do it!


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Patrick Stewart rocks...Hope there will be a 3 season...Well made TV show..


top expert
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That was a great finale!


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