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Star Trek: Picard
Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2
Season 1  |  Episode 10

Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Released: 2020
Air date: 2020-03-26
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Storyline: As Jean-Luc Picard endeavors to convince Soji to turn against Sutra and the android population of Coppelius' drive to call the synthetic alliance, Narek joins up with the crew of La Sirena to stop Commodore Oh and the oncoming attack fleet.
Starring: Patrick StewartSantiago CabreraIsa BrionesAlison PillHarry TreadawayMichelle HurdRebecca Wisocky
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User Reviews (7)

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a great way of spending my day has come to a close. apart from some cringeworthy moments (then again it wouldn't be Star Trek without the occasional lameness) this was better then I thought it would be. however! [SPOILER] . other then that overall this was a pretty good series and folks will love the surprise characters from other Star Trek Series, and cameos/special appearances that come. do enjoy it'll be a good day spent watching this especially if your a Trekkie and especially if you liked Star Trek: Next Generations and didn't like Nemesis and how things concluded there.


senior guru
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Wow, now THAT is a way to start a new series with multiple seasons. I feel like I just went to the movies and that is how I know I saw something worthwhile.



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What a wonderfully made episode from the acting to the music, to the special effects. And the plot was superb. I am sure they thought they would only have one season do when they got the second, they had to change the ending. And boy, that change was a masterpiece. I have so enjoyed seeing the old beloved characters from the Star Trek saga: Data, seven of nine, Will, Deanna, and the mix with the new ones is actually quite strong. I am looking forward to next season. I agree with other comments, it should be spectacular... And now: Engage!
I give this 5 stars out of 5


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This was a great ending to the first season. The CBS network just approved a second season due to fan petition support. The new cast, and soundtrack plus the executive producing of Patrick Steward should make next season a spectacular journey to watch. [SPOILER]
I love how the special guest returned in the final

The special effects is amazing. All the trek fans will enjoy this one. I can’t wait till the next season comes out.


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No no no... which one of you Trekkies would agree to Data's request?

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@BarbaraWhite [SPOILER] ...
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@SeleniteBasher smiley smiley smiley loved it!


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