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Modern Family
Spring Break
Season 6  |  Episode 18

Genre: Comedy
Released: 2009
Air date: 2015-03-25
170 users

Hayley gets Alex drunk at a concert, Phil becomes jealous of Luke's increasing abilities, Cam gets in trouble over a song at a talent show, and Mitchell and Jay try to go behind their spouses' backs.

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Starring: Ed O'NeillAriel WinterSarah HylandNolan GouldRico RodriguezEric StonestreetJesse Tyler FergusonTy BurrellJulie BowenSofía VergaraReid Ewing
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Storylines (plots) from our users

senior guru
(2 days ago)

Claire tries to manipulate everyone into doing what she wants, very successfully. Haley takes Alex away from studying and applying to colleges and brings her to a concert, to wash off some of the nerd, where she gets her drunk and Alex goes wild. Claire wants to get rid of some of Phil's old things that she doesn't like, such as his bottle-cap banjo, which he has been picking at, unsuccessfully for a few years. Luke picks it up in a few minutes and can already play two songs pretty well and Claire loves it. He also learns the Dunfy Twist on the trampoline in a few minutes and Phil is jealous. Cam sings a song from Cats and Gloria turns everything into a soap opera...with no commercials!

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senior guru
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The writing on this episode is fantastic. The way they weave the stories and scenes together is perfect. By the end I was laughing so hard that I had to rewind.


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