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Episode 6
Season 1  |  Episode 6

Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Released: 2021
Air date: 2021-07-14
261 users


Starring: Tom HiddlestonSophia Di MartinoRichard E. GrantGugu Mbatha-RawWunmi MosakuOwen WilsonErika ColemanSasha LaneJon Levine
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senior guru
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And hence, the Marvel Multi-verse was born. Well like liked this series so far. Very well-down but maybe I'm just biased because I like superheroes and magic.


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I don't get the hate for this series. Imo it was pretty good. Clearly better then Wandavision and miles better then the horribly bad Falcon and Winter Soldier.

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@Psilonaut I don't get the hate either. I've enjoyed all three series (although Falcon/Winter Soldier took questionable paths) I have really enjoyed these Marvel series since Netflix wanted to cancel DareDevil and Luke Cage. At least somewhere here has enjoyed it.


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you've gotta be kidding me?! I thought this was a miniseries, and this would have an episode of 10, but there's a season 2 of this?! wow I don't know I can handle it, this show so far is sooo bad lol no further comments


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Alright I give up, this show kinda sucks. I love Hiddleston, but sorry this is just...going nowhere. It's spinning it's wheels in mud and sinking deeper.

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@Philrka hear hear! I couldn't concentrate a lot on this episode, its like I was seeing a copy of the Matrix 2 and 3 where Neo and co meet "the creator of the Matrix" and you think "oh wow they really lost the plot haven't they?..."

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@Yuroparenti That scene goes on for like two thirds of the episode, just them talking at a desk.
There is less of that on an actual talk show with celebrity interviews.

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@Philrka haha! I've just been soo over the Marvel Universe it started off great but one by one it got soo bad, and I thought "hmmm a Loki spin off, that's gotta be good, they can't go wrong with this", and already the first several scenes of episode 1 I thought "ohhh boy this is going to be a painful experience watching this show and trying to like it" but hehe! can't and its a pity because it looked soo promising but failed to deliver.


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