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Fuck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob
Season 1  |  Episode 101

Genre: Drama
Released: 2019
Air date: 2021-01-24
126 users

Follow Jules over the Christmas holiday as she reflects on the year.

Starring: ZendayaKeean JohnsonAlanna UbachSydney SweeneyAlgee SmithHunter SchaferStorm ReidNika WilliamsBarbie FerreiraJacob ElordiAlexa DemieEric DaneAngus CloudMaude ApatowAustin AbramsJohn Ales
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User Reviews (2)

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They did an amazing job with this episode! We just saw some of Jules layers peeled back so that we could peak in. I wasn't expecting some of that. These girls can really act, I was feeling her pain and anguish watching this episode. I absolutely love everything about this series and hope we have much more to come. I really hope we see hunter (Jules) in much more after this series. She captivates me.

Teeny💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤ ️


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daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanm. that was hell of an intense one. Jules like the Zendaya character (always keep forgetting her name) I just want to hug her and keep hugging her until she feel better. beautifully written and spectacularly acted once more, and well done to Hunter Schaffer who also co-wrote this. wow you find alot for the first time even if its deliberately vague at times about Jules's background before the series of terrible events that's led us to this episode. Be prepared for yet another tear jerking and intense emotional episode even if its more tamed compared to other episodes, and I've said this many times before I hope this show delivers just one one more epic season that ends on a positive high note because haha! this is not a show that I want nor should it be a show that is dragged on for several seasons. and I really hope that bully that is terrorizing Jules gets the massive epic take down a monster like that deserves. fantastic episode, I hope Jules and Rue get together and live happily ever after, and can't wait for this show to come back, I'm going to wait until all the episodes are up so I binge watch it because I can't handle this in sequences and waiting for the next episode to come weekly/monthly let alone yearly. and again well done to the cast and writers

and [SPOILER] ...
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