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Cruel Summer
A Secret of My Own
Season 1  |  Episode 9

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Released: 2021
Air date: 2021-06-08
46 users

Kate's closely held secrets and fragmented memories of her time in Martin's captivity are brought to the surface.

Starring: Chiara AureliaJessica SwinneyBen HicksBarrett CarnahanVhelma RichardsonDanny MillerChristina GonzalezOlivia HoltDamian GonzalezErica MuseSarah DrewBlake LeeFroy GutierrezBenjamin J. Cain Jr.Andrea AndersAshlei Sharpe Chestnut
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Finally!! [SPOILER] at least now we know!



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Wow so Kate dug a hole for herself and got trapped in it [SPOILER] At this point it's really hard to feel sorry for Kate. Martin was really crazy living in a fantasy world. Good ep finally we know the truth well at least Kate's truth

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@galavion [SPOILER]💋

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@Teeny💋 [SPOILER]

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@galavion Oh yes! I want to see that too! 💋💋


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