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Castle Rock
Season 2  |  Episode 10

Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Released: 2018
Air date: 2019-12-11
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Storyline: ...
Starring: Melanie LynskeyScott GlennAndré HollandJane LevyTerry O'QuinnBill SkarsgårdSissy SpacekCaleel HarrisChosen Jacobs
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User Reviews (4)

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What an emotional ride this episode took me on. Hands down best episode of both seasons. Fantastic finale!! I was getting kinda bored with the whole possess the town thing. I feel like they stayed in that one spot too long as far as the last few episodes before this one. Honestly i wasn't in any rush to watch this season ender because they had bored me to death with that, but they've brought me back to life with this one. Excellent!!


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I really hate this season is over! I did really enjoy it but I wish we had gotten more story on the angel/the kid on what he truly is and why he's doing what he's doing. I loved the tie in to Misery at the end that was great. I'm hoping since he connected first 2 seasons it will keep on in that pattern and then maybe we will get more questions answered. All in all I loved the show and enjoyed it as well as the choice of actors in this.



senior guru
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this episode went by quickly but the story was wrapped up tightly...no questions or concerns. This was a great season.


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Great finale, this season was fantastic!


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