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Watch Better Call Saul Online for Free

Better Call Saul
Talking Saul on "Waterworks"
Season 6  |  Episode 101

Genre: Comedy / Crime / Drama
Released: 2015
Air date: 2022-08-08
268 users

Peter Gould, Vince Gilligan, and Bob Odenkirk discuss the Season 6 episode of 'Better Call Saul,' 'Waterworks.' Hosted by Chris Hardwick.

Starring: Bob OdenkirkRhea SeehornPatrick FabianJonathan BanksMichael MandoMichael McKeanGene N. Chavez
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top expert
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I couldn´t be more pleased. The Team brought this to a very, very worthy end.
And I got my movie lengh- happy days, even for Saul.

I can see now why Walter had to die but Saul deserves to live.


top expert
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DANG! The finale is TO-DAY? Double-Dang! I have just remembered when I watched the finale of Breaking Bad airing somewhen in the night- was I pumped!
Just as today! If there is a good show with well written characters that goes above and beyond You just don´t want it to end because it´s such a nice distraction from Your own problems.
I sincerely hope that we get to watch not just 45mins of the good stuff, please let it be at least 90.
A good movie length ending would be a pleasure...

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@Steinkopff OMG your right ...Jeez Louise.it is finale over?


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