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Siesta Key (2017)

From the producers of "Laguna Beach" comes Siesta Key, the ultimate summer series that follows a group of young adults confronting issues of love, heartbreak an...

Views: 41,125 • Followers: 36Reviews: 2
Season:4 Episode:24 (11 hours ago)

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered (2017)


Real-life mysteries. Investigative reporting. Justice. Dateline is the long-running, award winning newsmagazine bringing viewers stories ranging from compelling...

Views: 83,525 • Followers: 92Reviews: 0
Season:10 Episode:55 (1 day ago)

The Repair Shop (2017)

Some of Britain's most skilled restoration experts breathe new life into much-cherished family heirlooms that are dropped off by members of the public, who reve...

Views: 10,031 • Followers: 16Reviews: 1
Season:10 Episode:3 (1 day ago)

Murder in the Heartland (2017)


Murder in the Heartland: is a harrowing narrative that recounts the stories of humble Middle-American towns - and the provocative crimes that tore through them....

Views: 13,805 • Followers: 46Reviews: 1
Season:5 Episode:4 (3 days ago)

Beat Shazam (2017)

Teams of two race to identify songs by sound in hopes of winning a cash prize.

Views: 12,809 • Followers: 21Reviews: 0
Season:5 Episode:1 (3 days ago)

Riverdale (2017)

A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale's wholesome facade.

Views: 261,045 • Followers: 234Reviews: 9
Season:6 Episode:15 (4 days ago)

SWAT (2017)

Follows a locally born and bred S.W.A.T. lieutenant who is torn between loyalty to the streets and duty to his fellow officers when he's tasked to run a highly-...

Views: 201,119 • Followers: 232Reviews: 4
Season:5 Episode:22 (4 days ago)

Unexpected (2017)

Unexpected, a new series following the journey of three pregnant teen couples and the parents who raised them.

Views: 17,770 • Followers: 32Reviews: 2
Season:5 Episode:12 (4 days ago)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (2017)

Naruto was a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief. He achieved his dream to become the greatest ninja in the village and his face sits atop the...

Views: 28,223 • Followers: 15Reviews: 2
Season:1 Episode:250 (4 days ago)

The Secret Life of the Zoo (2017)

The Secret Life of the Zoo takes a look behind the scenes of Chester Zoo. Using a range of filming techniques, including micro-rigs to capture close up animal b...

Views: 14,630 • Followers: 26Reviews: 0
Season:10 Episode:100 (5 days ago)

Dynasty (2017)


Follows two of America's wealthiest families as they feud for control over their fortune and their children.

Views: 81,817 • Followers: 100Reviews: 5
Season:5 Episode:12 (6 days ago)

Young Sheldon (2017)


The early life of child genius Sheldon, later seen in The Big Bang Theory (2007).

Views: 283,102 • Followers: 300Reviews: 18
Season:5 Episode:22 (1 week ago)

Derry Girls (2017)


Set in the early 1990s, this sitcom features the personal exploits of a 16 year old girl, her family and friends during the Troubles.

Views: 23,160 • Followers: 54Reviews: 5
Season:3 Episode:7 (1 week ago)

Summer House (2017)

For years this group of friends has spent their weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day in one of the most exclusive beach areas on the East Coast. These p...

Views: 27,718 • Followers: 30Reviews: 0
Season:6 Episode:17 (1 week ago)

The Good Doctor (2017)


A young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome is recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The question will arise: can a person w...

Views: 288,189 • Followers: 378Reviews: 13
Season:5 Episode:18 (1 week ago)

Cold Case Files (2017)

The return of Cold Case Files will explore compelling new cases that have gone cold for years and chronicle the journeys of the detectives who reopened them. Th...

Views: 15,585 • Followers: 57Reviews: 0
Season:2 Episode:27 (1 week ago)

Raven's Home (2017)


Raven and Chelsea are now divorced single mothers raising their two separate families in one chaotic, but fun household full of friends. When one of Raven's kid...

Views: 26,989 • Followers: 32Reviews: 0
Season:5 Episode:10 (1 week ago)

The Other One (2017)


After Colin Walcott drops dead at his birthday party his wife Tess and daughter Cat discover he had a long-term mistress Marilyn by whom he has a daughter Cath....

Views: 1,104 • Followers: 11Reviews: 0
Season:2 Episode:2 (2 weeks ago)

Mysteries of the Abandoned (2017)

Scattered around the world are long-forgotten engineering marvels, decaying cities and empty factories that once stood on the cutting edge of design and constru...

Views: 30,543 • Followers: 75Reviews: 6
Season:9 Episode:9 (2 weeks ago)

Ozark (2017)

A Chicago-based financial advisor secretly relocates his family to the Missouri Ozarks when his dealings with a drug cartel go awry.

Views: 97,339 • Followers: 198Reviews: 37
Season:4 Episode:12 (4 weeks ago)



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