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The Curse of Oak Island (2014)

Following a childhood dream, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, embark on a quest to find treasure on Oak Island...

Views: 273,357 • Followers: 191Reviews: 23
Season:11 Episode:25 (2 weeks ago)

Gold Rush: Alaska (2010)

Gold Rush Alaska: Six men respond to the current economic downturn in America to go in search of gold in the wilderness of Alaska. Watch as they try to hit it b...

Views: 482,796 • Followers: 166Reviews: 14
Season:14 Episode:23 (2 months ago)

Survivor (2000)

Over the spring of 2000, sixteen average Americans (divided into two tribes which eventually merge into one) were sequestered on the deserted island of Pulau Ti...

Views: 690,328 • Followers: 155Reviews: 17
Season:46 Episode:12 (3 days ago)

The First 48 (2004)

The series follows detectives during the hours immediately following a homicide.

Views: 372,088 • Followers: 153Reviews: 15
Season:23 Episode:9 (1 month ago)

Alone (2015)

Ten survival "experts" attempt to survive alone. The winner receives $500,000.

Views: 107,875 • Followers: 135Reviews: 22
Season:10 Episode:11 (9 months ago)

Hell's Kitchen (2005)

World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts 12 aspiring young chefs through rigorous and devastating challenges at his restaurant in Hollywood...

Views: 158,681 • Followers: 133Reviews: 13
Season:22 Episode:16 (3 months ago)

90 Day Fiance (2014)

Using a unique 90 day engagement visa, four women travel to the US to live with their American fiances for the first time. Each couple has 90 days to wed before...

Views: 206,147 • Followers: 132Reviews: 11
Season:10 Episode:20 (2 months ago)

60 Days In (2016)

"60 Day In" offers an unprecedented look at life behind bars at Indiana's Clark County Jail as seven innocent volunteers are sent to live among its general popu...

Views: 94,399 • Followers: 129Reviews: 14
Season:8 Episode:13 (7 months ago)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2010)

A reality series that follows some of the most affluent women in the country as they enjoy the lavish lifestyle that only Beverly Hills can provide.

Views: 259,846 • Followers: 129Reviews: 8
Season:13 Episode:20 (2 months ago)

RuPaul's Drag Race (2009)

RuPaul searches for America's next drag superstar.

Views: 573,012 • Followers: 127Reviews: 7
Season:16 Episode:16 (4 weeks ago)

Evil Lives Here (2016)

A TV series where individuals share their perspectives of loved ones who performed horrific acts of crime

Views: 73,255 • Followers: 126Reviews: 22
Season:15 Episode:10 (3 weeks ago)

Deadliest Catch (2005)

A documentary series chronicling the real-life high-sea adventures of the Alaskan crab fishermen. This is the most deadly profession in the world.

Views: 259,484 • Followers: 126Reviews: 12
Season:19 Episode:22 (7 months ago)

Expedition Unknown (2015)

An archeologist travels around the world for the unknown and missing artifacts through time.

Views: 108,009 • Followers: 123Reviews: 25
Season:13 Episode:7 (4 months ago)

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? (2016)

Life after 90 Days continues for Danielle & Mohamed, Loren & Alexei, Russ & Paola, Jorge & Anfisa and Chantel & Pedro as they each have a quick dose of reality ...

Views: 89,974 • Followers: 118Reviews: 3
Season:8 Episode:10 (24 min ago)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2008)

A reality television series focused on the personal and professional lives of several women residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Views: 261,700 • Followers: 116Reviews: 13
Season:15 Episode:18 (8 months ago)

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (2017)

Follow couples who have an existing relationship online, but haven't met in person. We'll experience their journey as they travel to the other's foreign country...

Views: 90,228 • Followers: 116Reviews: 12
Season:6 Episode:18 (7 months ago)

Below Deck (2013)

Below Deck: The upstairs and downstairs worlds collide when this young and single crew of "yachties" live, love and work together onboard a luxurious mega yacht...

Views: 127,355 • Followers: 114Reviews: 10
Season:11 Episode:15 (5 days ago)

Masterchef (2010)

A nationwide search for the best home cooks in America. One of 50 hopefuls will become a culinary star and America's first-ever "Masterchef."

Views: 158,647 • Followers: 110Reviews: 5
Season:13 Episode:20 (8 months ago)

Catfish: The TV Show (2012)

Tackles the mystery and complexities of dating in a digital world. According to an MTV survey of Millenials 18-24 years old, 1 in 4 has online dated, 1 in 2 has...

Views: 277,975 • Followers: 110Reviews: 18
Season:9 Episode:6 (4 days ago)

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch (2020)

A team of scientists and experts who will conduct a thorough search in one of the most infamous and secretive hotspots of paranormal and UFO-related activities ...

Views: 26,454 • Followers: 108Reviews: 19
Season:5 Episode:4 (4 days ago)



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