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The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966)


An elaborate Hollywood retelling of the Bible stories narrated by the film's director John Huston. We open with the Creation of the World and arrive at the Gar...

Views: 36,145 • Reviews: 6

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966) (1966)

Bitter and hateful, the Grinch is irritated at the thought of the nearby village having a happy time celebrating Christmas. So disguised as Santa Claus, with hi...

Views: 17,277 • Reviews: 7

Fahrenheit 451 (1966)

In the future, an oppressive government maintains control of public opinion by outlawing literature and maintaining a group of enforcers known as firemen to p...

Views: 16,652 • Reviews: 3

Batman (1966)

From the height of the television show's popularity, this full-length movie features all four of Batman (Adam West) and Robin's (Burt Ward) most dastardly and c...

Views: 16,449 • Reviews: 15

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)


One literate and profane night in the pathological marriage of two tortured souls, a middle-aged New England professor and his carping wife. Turning the underb...

Views: 13,850 • Reviews: 2

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

The Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween, with Linus hoping that, finally, he will be visited by The Great Pumpkin; while Charlie Brown is invited to a Halloween ...

Views: 12,242 • Reviews: 6

Fantastic Voyage (1966)

A surgical task force is reduced to microbe size to perform a delicate operation inside the brain of a dying scientist.

Views: 12,148 • Reviews: 1

The Battle Of Algiers (1966)

Drama  History  War 

Between 1954 and '62, Algeria fights for independence from the French.

Views: 12,094 • Reviews: 6

Romeo and Juliet (1968) (1966)

For the first time on film, the Bard’s star-crossed lovers are actually played by teenagers (the age range Shakespeare intended). Leonard Wh...

Views: 10,729 • Reviews: 2

The Sand Pebbles (1966)

Drama  Romance  War 

Engineer Jake Holman arrives aboard the gunboat U.S.S. San Pablo, assigned to patrol a tributary of the Yangtze in the middle of exploited and revolution-torn ...

Views: 10,693 • Reviews: 2

Hot Nights on the Campus (1966)


Naïve small town Indiana gal Sally arrives in New York City to attend college. While in New York Sally lives with four more worldly and uninhibited female roomm...

Views: 9,992 • Reviews: 0

This Property Is Condemned (1966)

A railroad official, Owen Legate comes to Dodson, Mississippi to shut down much of the town's railway (town's main income). Owen unexpectedly finds love with D...

Views: 9,972 • Reviews: 8

The Naked Prey (1966)

A group of men are on safari. One of the party refuses to give a gift to a tribe they encounter. The tribe is offended, seizes the party, and one-by-one, kills...

Views: 9,444 • Reviews: 1

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966)

A meek Kansas typesetter (Don Knotts) who wants to be a reporter spends the night in a haunted house.

Views: 9,041 • Reviews: 0

Love in Tokyo (1966)

When Chi Ku's Indian father and Japanese Mother die, his Indian grandmother Gayatri Devi sends his uncle Ashok to bring him back to India. However Chi Ku esca...

Views: 8,933 • Reviews: 0

The Blue Max (1966)

Promoted from the ranks after spending two years in the trenches, Bruno Stachel becomes a flying officer in Germany's World War I air force. Most of the office...

Views: 8,882 • Reviews: 2

Carry on Screaming! (1966)

Young ladies are being spirited away in the woods by Oddbod, creation of fiendish Dr Watt. Henpecked Sergeant Bung is on the case, but an early lead comes to n...

Views: 8,744 • Reviews: 2

Frankenstein Conquers the World (1966)

During WWII, a human heart taken from a certain lab in Europe (Dr. Frankenstein's) is kept in a Japanese lab, when it gets exposed to the radiation of the bombi...

Views: 8,108 • Reviews: 2

The Trouble With Angels (1966)


St. Francis Academy for Girls used to be a quiet sedate convent school - quiet and sedate, that is, until it was invaded by its newest pupil, Mary Clancy. Mary...

Views: 7,906 • Reviews: 2

Carry on Cowboy (1966)

In CARRY ON SCREAMING, the Carry On crew spoofs horror films--with hilarious results. The cast includes Harry H. Corbett as Detective Bung and Kenneth William...

Views: 7,595 • Reviews: 5



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