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Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)

A country hick goes to New York to pick up a 20 million dollar inheritance which he gives away to the needy, then finds himself in court in a battle to prove ...

Views: 7,842 • Reviews: 2

After the Thin Man (1936)

Urbane Nick and Nora Charles (William Powell, Myrna Loy) look for a cousin's missing husband and find murder.

Views: 7,842 • Reviews: 0

Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936)

Charlie receives fourteen free passes to the circus for him and his entire family but soon realizes that there are strings attached as the big top's co-owner a...

Views: 6,436 • Reviews: 3

Dodsworth (1936)

A bittersweet tale of the increasing estrangement of a retired automobile tycoon and his wife. Increasingly obsessed with maintaining an appearance of youth, ...

Views: 4,968 • Reviews: 1

The Last of the Mohicans (1936) (1936)

In the year 1756, Fort William Henry on Lake George is under siege by the French and Hurons under General Montcalm. Alice and Cora Munro, young daughters of the...

Views: 4,569 • Reviews: 1

Fury (1936)

Passing through a small town, Joe is arrested for kidnapping. A lynch mob burns down the jail and Joe is believed killed. The incident has been captured on new...

Views: 4,456 • Reviews: 4

Libeled Lady (1936)

Warren Haggerty is the chief editor of the New York Evening Star. He keeps on delaying his marriage with Gladys because of problems his newspapers must face. Wh...

Views: 4,331 • Reviews: 1

Tarzan Escapes (1936)

White hunter Captain Fry tries to take Tarzan back to civilization, caged for public display. He arrives in the jungle with Jane's cousins, Eric and Rita who w...

Views: 4,017 • Reviews: 0

Modern Times (1936)

The idea of the film was apparently given to Chaplin by a young reporter, who told him about the production line system in Detroit, which was turning its worke...

Views: 3,945 • Reviews: 1

Wife vs. Secretary (1936)

Linda Stanhope isn't jealous of beautiful Whitey Wilson, secretary to her magazine publisher husband Van ... until his mother plants the seed of doubt.

Views: 3,789 • Reviews: 0

Bullets or Ballots (1936)

After Police Captain Dan McLaren becomes police commissioner former detective Johnny Blake knocks him down convincing rackets boss Al Kruger that Blake is sinc...

Views: 2,988 • Reviews: 7

Oh, Susanna! (1936)

Fleeing the law, Wolf Benson hops on a train, throws Autry off, and assumes Autry's identity. Still posing as Autry he robs and kills Autry's friend Lee. When ...

Views: 2,967 • Reviews: 0

The Plainsman (1936)

Wild Bill Hickok attempts to stop an Indian uprising that was started by white gun-runners.

Views: 2,939 • Reviews: 1

My Man Godfrey (1936)

The new family butler (David Niven) of a Park Avenue socialite (June Allyson) is an Austrian diplomat incognito.

Views: 2,512 • Reviews: 1

These Three (1936)

This first film version of "The Children's Hour" uses a heterosexual triangle rather than the play's lesbian theme. The plot concerns schoolteachers Karen Wrig...

Views: 2,452 • Reviews: 0

Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936)

While steaming from Honolulu to Los Angeles the owner of a prize racehorse headed for the Santa Anita Handicap is killed, apparently kicked to death by his sta...

Views: 2,374 • Reviews: 0

Charlie Chan's Secret (1936)

An ocean liner sinks off Honolulu and Allen Colby, heir to millions, is presumed dead...but local sleuth Charlie Chan is not so sure, and flies to San Francisc...

Views: 2,354 • Reviews: 3

Things to Come (1936)


William Cameron Menzies' adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel tells of humankind's efforts to rebuild the war-torn planet.

Views: 2,322 • Reviews: 2

Rembrandt (1936)

This character study joins the painter at the height of his fame in 1642, when his adored wife suddenly dies and his work takes a dark, sardonic turn that offe...

Views: 2,296 • Reviews: 1

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1936)

Unjustly sent to prison, a man vows revenge, not only for that cruel punishment, but for the devastating consequences of what happened to his ...

Views: 2,258 • Reviews: 0



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