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The Casagrandes Movie (2024)

After a surprise family trip to Mexico derails Ronnie Anne's birthday plans, she is determined to prove she's old enough to do her own thing - even if...

Views: 28 • Reviews: 0

Shirley (2024)

Shirley Chisholm makes a trailblazing run for the 1972 Democratic presidential nomination after becoming the first Black woman elected to Congress.

Views: 27 • Reviews: 0

You'll Never Find Me (2023)

Patrick, a strange and lonely resident, lives in a mobile home at the back of an isolated trailer park. After a violent storm, a mysterious young woman appears ...

Views: 435 • Reviews: 10

Sometimes I Think About Dying (2024)

Fran, who likes to think about dying, makes the new guy at work laugh, which leads to dating and more. Now the only thing standing in their way is Fran herself.

Views: 57 • Reviews: 0

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) (2023)

"Climate: The Movie" highlights a different perspective on the climate change debate and is supported by scientists who have signed the Clintel's...

Views: 124 • Reviews: 1

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya (2024)

Aryan is not able to find a perfect life partner. He meets a perfect girl, Sifra, during an official assignment in the US and falls in love with her only to dis...

Views: 14 • Reviews: 0

The Monk and the Gun (2024)

An American travels into Bhutan in search of a valuable antique rifle and crosses paths with a young monk who wanders through the serene mountains, instructed b...

Views: 161 • Reviews: 1

Il più bel secolo della mia vita (2023)


In our country there is a law, still in force and unique in Europe, which prohibits children not recognized at birth, from becoming aware of the identity of the...

Views: 16 • Reviews: 0

Loop Track (2023)

Ian wants to get as far away from humanity as possible and heads into the New Zealand bush, but a four day journey turns into a fight for survival.

Views: 102 • Reviews: 0

Man-Eater of Kumaon (1949)

A doctor hunts a vicious, man-eating tiger that terrorizes a native jungle village. In time the doctor experiences a personal change when he accepts their nativ...

Views: 16 • Reviews: 0

Chang'an san wan li (2023)

A few years after the outbreak of the Anshi Rebellion, the Tubo army attacked the southwest. Gao Shi, who was trapped in the isolated city, recalled his life wi...

Views: 33 • Reviews: 1

Bob Marley: One Love (2024)

The story of how reggae icon Bob Marley overcame adversity, and the journey behind his revolutionary music.

Views: 158 • Reviews: 1

Shayda (2023)


A young Iranian mother and her six-year-old daughter find refuge in an Australian women's shelter during the two weeks of the Iranian New Year (Nowruz).

Views: 11 • Reviews: 0

Tribal (2023)

A purposeful docudrama unveiling the battles beyond combat, as 3 Veterans return to modern society.

Views: 25 • Reviews: 0

Blood and Snow (2023)


Scientists find meteor in Arctic. It kills one, infects the other. Nearby base takes in survivor to investigate incident. Survivor's identity raises questi...

Views: 252 • Reviews: 5

Keiko, me wo sumasete (2022)

Drama  Sport 

A hearing-impaired woman with dreams of becoming a professional boxer due to the pandemic is threatened closure of her boxing club and the illness of its ageing...

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

Hanu Man (2024)

An imaginary place called Anjanadri where the protagonist gets the powers of Hanuman and fights for Anjanadri.

Views: 49 • Reviews: 1

Unexpected (2023)

Music critic Bob is out of a job, addicted to Zoloft, and trying to wrangle the menagerie of animals that his wife Amy has accumulated. Will adopting a baby cur...

Views: 38 • Reviews: 0

H. P. Lovecraft's the Old Ones (2024)


In 1930, sea captain Russel Marsh saw the light, and for 93 years his body was not his own. Inhabited by a Great Old One, he committed unspeakable acts in the n...

Views: 287 • Reviews: 3

Friday Night Sext Scandal (2024)


Exposes the practice of boys "hunting" nude photographs of female classmates.

Views: 96 • Reviews: 0



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