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Listeners: The Whispering (2022)

The movie is about a psychologist, Tuong Minh who provides psychotherapy to An Nhien, a young female writer suffering from anxiety disorder. Nhien states that s...

Views: 379 • Reviews: 0

Ivanna (2022)

Ambar and his family were terrorized when they celebrated Lebaran in the Bandung area. Ambar, a beautiful young woman who has limited vision, is able to see thi...

Views: 485 • Reviews: 0

Plurality (2021)

A man who wakes up from a coma to find himself uploaded with the minds of four dead serial-murder suspects. These hold the only clues for the police to track do...

Views: 375 • Reviews: 0

Vacation Home Nightmare (2023)

When a woman is attacked in her short term rental, the company's Clean-Up Team steps in to help her pick up the pieces. But she soon finds that they might ...

Views: 263 • Reviews: 0

En la Gama de los Grises (2015)

Bruno, an architect with a great life, is hired to build an iconic landmark, and as he works with a gay history teacher named Fer, an unexpected and intense rom...

Views: 351 • Reviews: 0

The Price of Perfection (2022)

Leslie is a busy event planner who recently lost her husband and business partner. Thankfully, her responsible teenage daughter, Ava, is a huge help at home, ke...

Views: 183 • Reviews: 0

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey (2023)


It follows Pooh and Piglet as they go on a rampage after Christopher Robin abandons them for college.

Views: 1,081 • Reviews: 5

Brutal Brainwash (2023)

It follows a woman who investigates a club's mysterious practices after sensing that her daughter is in trouble after joining it.

Views: 224 • Reviews: 0

Hoax: The Kidnapping of Sherri Papini (2023)


The nationwide-media shocking story of young mother-of-two Sherri Papini, who disappears while jogging near her home, then reappears three weeks later on Thanks...

Views: 325 • Reviews: 0

Glacier National Park Romance (2023)

An avalanche forecasting expert brings her new technology to Glacier National Park where she faces push-back from the Director of Mountain Rescue who's tra...

Views: 285 • Reviews: 0

Rurangi (2021)


After skipping town a decade ago, transgender activist Caz Davis returns to the remote, politically divided dairy community of Rurangi, hoping to reconnect with...

Views: 387 • Reviews: 0

Ten-Cent Daisy (2022)


Three sisters from a fishing village in the West Indies take refuge in Berkeley, California, following a traumatic event that threatens to reveal a centuries-ol...

Views: 553 • Reviews: 0

Fear (2023)


A much needed getaway and a celebration weekend turns into a nightmare due to the contagious airborne threat.

Views: 936 • Reviews: 1

Erotic Vampires of Beverly Hills (2015)

Beverly Hills will never be the same after the Dracula family moves into the neighborhood. As the bodies begin the pile up, it becomes clear that vampires are m...

Views: 326 • Reviews: 0

Conjuring the Plastic Surgeon 2 (2022)


At an elderly peoples home, a demonic plastic surgeon has been summoned. And soon, they will all be due a make over.

Views: 117 • Reviews: 1

The Monster Mash (2022)


The Days of Creature Features Are Back.

Views: 173 • Reviews: 1

Leo and the Shark (2019)

Leo White is an ambitious young man with no sense of direction. His frustration with his mundane job causes him to have an explosive encounter with his manager ...

Views: 166 • Reviews: 0

The Penny Black (2021)

The estranged son of a conman fights temptation, paranoia, and his own nefarious legacy after being left with a mysterious, million-dollar stamp collection.

Views: 138 • Reviews: 0

Top Kids (1987)

Computer hackers with a time-travel simulator send a Formula One driver (Niki Lauda) back to a 1904 race.

Views: 74 • Reviews: 0

Waking Karma (2023)

When high school senior Karma's estranged cult leader father traps her and her mother in a remote forest compound, she must survive a series of psychologic...

Views: 229 • Reviews: 1



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