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Octagon (2018)


A man recalls a gruesome series of events as he attempts to separate his memories from delusions.

Views: 55 • Reviews: 0

The Adventures of Snow White and Rose Red (2018)


Snow White, a kind girl with a passion for animals and books, is best friends with her sister, Rose Red, an outgoing girl with a curious spirit. They spend thei...

Views: 28 • Reviews: 0

The Ballymurphy Precedent (2018)

The Ballymurphy Precedent tells the unknown story of the death of eleven innocent people at the hands of the British Army in a Catholic estate in Belfast in 197...

Views: 21 • Reviews: 0

The Rogues of Flat Oak (2018)

A renowned shootist and his friend get mixed up with a con artist and a vigilante group while performing a shooting exhibition in the town of Flat Oak.

Views: 13 • Reviews: 0

If Something Happens (2018)

Julie Reynolds, a young woman surviving life in the big city, receives an anonymous email promising her money - if a stranger dies.

Views: 34 • Reviews: 0

Prima che la notte (2018)

The life and death of Giuseppe "Pippo" Fava, a sicilian journalist and intellectual who tried to fight the mafia through his newspaper "I Siciliani" during the ...

Views: 8 • Reviews: 0

Green (2018)

An undocumented Turkish pedicab driver unwittingly draws police attention, endangering his brother, his community, and himself.

Views: 2 • Reviews: 0

Samadhi: Part 2 (It's Not What You Think) (2018)

Samadhi Movie. Part 2 (It's not what you think) is the second installment of a series of films exploring Samadhi.

Views: 18 • Reviews: 0

Sin rodeos (2018)


After to visit a Hindi guru healer, Paz loses control over what she says and starts speaking out everything that comes to her mind.

Views: 18 • Reviews: 0

Bufo Alvarius - The Underground Secret (2018)

A radical testimony of the strongest known natural psychedelic, tryptamine 5-MeO-DMT produced by Bufo Alvarius, a toad of the Sonoran desert.

Views: 26 • Reviews: 0

Cherî bôizu (2018)


Shinichi, Tatsuya, and Makoto live in a provincial town. They are all friends and 25 years old. Even though they only think about women and sex, they are all st...

Views: 10 • Reviews: 0

Première année (2018)

Friendship sparks between newcomer Benjamin and held-back Antoine during the first year of medical school.

Views: 12 • Reviews: 0

The Proposal (2018)

An artist fights to make the archives of Mexico's most famous architect available to the public.

Views: 11 • Reviews: 0

Heart of Batman (2018)

When animators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm were tasked with creating an animated #Batman cartoon, no one knew whether the team would be able to reinvent the charac...

Views: 28 • Reviews: 0

Malice: Emergence (2018)

No plot available for Malice: Emergence

Views: 68 • Reviews: 1

Profile (2018)


No plot available for Profile

Views: 8 • Reviews: 0

Getting Over (2018)

A man discovers a box of interviews with his father, a heroin addict who died of AIDS in 1997. What he finds will uncover generations of family secrets, forcing...

Views: 19 • Reviews: 0

Profile (2018)

An undercover British journalist infiltrates the online propaganda channels of the so-called Islamic State, only to be sucked in by her recruiter.

Views: 69 • Reviews: 0

Na rayone (2018)

Vova and his best friend Kisa make ends meet by working for the local thug in Vladivostock, Russia until one assignment forces them to question their own morali...

Views: 16 • Reviews: 0

The Amendment (2018)


The Amendment is the true and inspiring story of finding triumph over tragedy, injustice and loss. In 1979, Brooks Douglass and his sister Leslie survived a dev...

Views: 47 • Reviews: 0



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