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Desert Coffee (2018)

In California's poorest desert region, a colorful group of regulars and their dogs gather at Rob's internet cafe for coffee and WiFi in "the last...

Views: 58 • Reviews: 0

Fino all'inferno (2018)

Three robbers on the run to a new life cross their way with a woman and her son and with the tragic curse they're bringing. On their trail, the mob boss th...

Views: 98 • Reviews: 0

Que baje Dios y lo vea (2018)


When the monks living at a small rural monastery face it being transformed into a hotel due to the lack of income, a newcomer monk convinces them that their onl...

Views: 36 • Reviews: 0

A Daughter's Revenge (2018)


Elle Spencer has devised a terrifying plan. Soon her friend, Anna Bellcroft will be released from jail, where she served time for a DUI. Anna has nothing. No fa...

Views: 63 • Reviews: 0

Bigger Than Africa (2018)

When the slave boats docked in the Americas, Cuba and the Caribbean, hundreds of cultures and religions came with the Africans but only one survived the plantat...

Views: 31 • Reviews: 0

Dyke pole (2018)

Herman Korolyov, 33, is getting by, working a meaningless executive job in a big city. One day he gets a strange call and learns that his older brother has myst...

Views: 49 • Reviews: 0

Marche ou crève (2018)


Elisa, a passionate teenager, wants to enjoy the summer on the slopes of the Vercors where she grew up. Her mother leaves her alone with her father and disabled...

Views: 382 • Reviews: 1

Secret Life of the Hospital (2018)

No plot available for Secret Life of the Hospital

Views: 7 • Reviews: 0

Head Above Water (2018)


A fictional documentary following the craziest rivalry in Australian surfing history.

Views: 227 • Reviews: 0

The Fever and the Fret (2018)

A troubled girl is tormented by bullies and enters an altered state.

Views: 35 • Reviews: 0

Istoriya odnogo naznacheniya (2018)


The shrill and tragic story about an event that involved Count Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy.

Views: 77 • Reviews: 0

Cafe Con Leche (2018)

When an ATF agent out of Houston is tasked to team up with the Mexico City District Attorney on a human trafficking case, he uncovers family ties with a serpent...

Views: 1,010 • Reviews: 0

Bad Labor (2018)

A day laborer takes a job from a stranger that pays handsomely, only to discover that it entails kidnapping, murder and a burial.

Views: 53 • Reviews: 0

Fastest Delorean in the World (2018)

Turning a Delorean Time Machine into the "Fastest Delorean in the World" takes over one man's life and nearly costs him everything.

Views: 53 • Reviews: 0

Hi-Death (2018)


From the makers of "Hi-8", five new tales to blow your mind. When two young women take the "Terror Tour" through the underbelly of Hollywood...

Views: 147 • Reviews: 3

Racing Colt (2018)


A personal assistant struggles to get an aging "has been" movie star through a tumultuous shoot of a highly anticipated film.

Views: 51 • Reviews: 0

Rumor from Ground Control (2018)

A local female investigative journalist uncovers the mysterious death of an astronaut.

Views: 68 • Reviews: 0

Le cinéma dans l'oeil de Magnum (2018)

For seventy years, the photojournalists of Magnum have observed the world of cinema as they would any conflict, social issue or country on the map. It was out o...

Views: 36 • Reviews: 0

Golazzo: The Football Italia Story (2018)

James Richardson looks back at the creation of Channel 4's Football Italia programme and the impact of free access to Italian football on British viewers i...

Views: 11 • Reviews: 0

Seal of Desire (2018)

An attractive psychologist who specializes in couples therapy uses his intuitive skills to expose cheating spouses and seduce their heart-broken wives. But the ...

Views: 191 • Reviews: 0



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