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The Wind (2018)

A plains-woman faces the harshness and isolation of the untamed land in the Western frontier of the late 1800s.

Views: 4,785 • Reviews: 19

A Reckoning (2018)

After a her husband is brutally murdered, a widowed homesteader seeks revenge and leaves everything behind to hunt down his killer.

Views: 1,634 • Reviews: 10

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

An anthology film comprised of six stories, each dealing with a different aspect of life in the Old West.

Views: 5,823 • Reviews: 10

West of Hell (2018)

Georgia, 1872 - seven years after the end of the Civil War. On a midnight train to Atlanta, Jericho Whitfield, a brilliant former slave, plans to avenge the mur...

Views: 1,620 • Reviews: 10

Gone Are the Days (2018)

Gone Are the Days follows the story of notorious outlaw, Taylon Flynn. Aged, ill, and unable to reconcile the man he was to who he has become, Flynn is hell-ben...

Views: 3,959 • Reviews: 6

The Sisters Brothers (2018)

In 1850s Oregon, a gold prospector is chased by the infamous duo of assassins, the Sisters brothers.

Views: 11,786 • Reviews: 3

Run for the High Country (2018)

A seasoned US Marshal is ambushed while tracking a murderous band of outlaws along the southern border of the United States. Left for dead, the Marshal is saved...

Views: 358 • Reviews: 3

Damsel (2018)

It's the Wild West, circa 1870. Samuel Alabaster, an affluent pioneer, ventures across the American frontier to marry the love of his life, Penelope. As his gro...

Views: 1,160 • Reviews: 3

Any Bullet Will Do (2018)

Taking place during 1876 in Montana, a ruthless headhunter tracks his own Brother through Big Sky country with the help of a young fur trapper.

Views: 1,921 • Reviews: 2

Howlers (2018)

A gunfighter from the old west returns from the grave to stop a blood thirsty werewolf motorcycle gang from terrorizing a small town.

Views: 804 • Reviews: 2

Little Woods (2018)

A modern Western about two sisters who work outside the law to better their lives

Views: 1,160 • Reviews: 2

Dead Men (2018)

Set in the lawless world of the Old West, 'Dead Men' follows the path of a young man forced on a journey to avenge the death of this father, protect the...

Views: 805 • Reviews: 1

Cheat the Hangman (2018)

The son of a hangman gets involved in a gunfight with the men who killed his father. When one of these men is killed, the son is arrested and tried by the terri...

Views: 502 • Reviews: 1

Dead Men (2018)

Set in the lawless world of the Old West, this series follows the path of a young man forced on a journey to avenge the death of this father, protect the Apache...

Views: 1,706 • Reviews: 1

In Searching (2018)

When Jon returns on his first trip home from college, he inadvertently triggers events that inspire him to embark on an auspicious journey through the night to ...

Views: 330 • Reviews: 1

Big Kill (2018)

A tenderfoot from Philadelphia, two misfit gamblers on the run, and a deadly preacher have a date with destiny in a boom town gone bust called Big Kill.

Views: 1,141 • Reviews: 1

Sonora, the Devil's Highway (2018)

1931 in Mexico, under pressure from Sonora goverment, a group of people are forced to take a trip to Mexicalli, where they will have to face the racism and othe...

Views: 167 • Reviews: 0

West of nowhere (2018)

In a desolate town in the western United States, Stan, known as the "mad artist", established his own power here, and he became the most powerful pers...

Views: 140 • Reviews: 0

Legal Action (2018)

Big-city lawyer Casey McKay, (Eric Close - Nashville, Without a Trace) is drawn to a small town by his ex-wife to defend her brother, accused of murdering a DA....

Views: 810 • Reviews: 0

Wild Faith (2018)

The film and developing TV series portrays life in 1800's Michigan, focusing on a Civil War vet trying to make peace with his losses and start a new life despit...

Views: 318 • Reviews: 0



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