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Plebs: Soldiers of Rome (2022)

Three Plebs join the army in peace-time, hoping to win respect, romance and military discounts at selected restaurants. But when war's declared they'r...

Views: 1,738 • Reviews: 14

Im Westen nichts Neues (2022)

Action  Drama  War 

A young German soldier's terrifying experiences and distress on the western front during World War I.

Views: 851 • Reviews: 11

Sniper. The White Raven (2022)

Drama  War 

After suffering a tragedy at the hand of invading soldiers in Donbas, an Ukrainian physics teacher seeks revenge. He sets his sights on an elite Russian sniper ...

Views: 565 • Reviews: 5

Operation Mincemeat (2022)

Drama  War 

During WWII, two intelligence officers use a corpse and false papers to outwit German troops.

Views: 1,682 • Reviews: 4

Wolf Hound (2022)

Inspired by the real-life German special operations unit KG 200 that shot down, repaired, and flew Allied aircraft as Trojan horses, "Wolf Hound" take...

Views: 734 • Reviews: 1

The Huntress of Auschwitz (2022)

A young American girl travels to Europe to track down the Nazi guard responsible for the murder of her great-grandparents.

Views: 301 • Reviews: 1

Tmunat Hanitzahon (2022)

Drama  History  War 

Inspired by true events in 1948. Hassanin, an Egyptian filmmaker, is tasked with documenting a raid on the isolated kibbutz Nitzanim. When the kibbutz learns of...

Views: 118 • Reviews: 1

Devotion (2022)

Action  Drama  War 

A pair of U.S. Navy fighter pilots risk their lives during the Korean War and become some of the Navy's most celebrated wingmen.

Views: 3,275 • Reviews: 0

Roads of Ithriyah (2022)

A Middle Eastern militant wakes up in the Syrian desert, the lone survivor of a IED explosion. Badly concussed and out of supplies, he must reach an outpost soo...

Views: 143 • Reviews: 0

Malazgirt 1071 (2022)

History  War 

The story of the war, which is the beginning of the history of Turks in Anatolia.

Views: 18 • Reviews: 0

Ta'am al Tufah, Ahmar (2022)

Drama  War 

It tells the story of Sheikh, whose brother disappeared during the Arab-Israeli war. Fifty years after the territory became part of Israel, the past catches up ...

Views: 9 • Reviews: 0

Three Minutes: A Lengthening (2022)

A snippet of 16mm film offers an emotionally charged, meditative glimpse into the lives of the unsuspecting Jewish citizens of a small Polish village at the pre...

Views: 15 • Reviews: 0

Gulltransporten (2022)

He's not the bravest of men, but he's given a great responsibility and an enormous task - to get the whole Norwegian gold reserve away from the German...

Views: 159 • Reviews: 0

Civil War Saint (2022)


A wounded Civil War soldier wakes up to find the war has ended and his rescuer is a Saint Bernard who is sent by God to save him and teach him how to love again...

Views: 96 • Reviews: 0

Ju ji shou (2022)

Action  Drama  War 

The story of sharpshooter Zhang Taofang, a young army recruit who at age 22 sets a record during the Korean War by reportedly killing or wounding 214 American s...

Views: 179 • Reviews: 0

1915: Legend of the Gurkhas (2022)

Drama  War 

A psychological war drama inspired by true events of Rifleman Kulbir Thapa, an inexperienced soldier goes through an incredible journey that eventually cements ...

Views: 66 • Reviews: 0

Battle for Saipan (2022)

When a US Army hospital on the remote island of Saipan is overrun by Japanese forces, a lone medic puts it all on the line to lead a band of wounded warriors to...

Views: 22 • Reviews: 0

Iron Cross: The Road to Normandy (2022)


Captain Muller struggle to survive fighting overwhelming Russian forces. Wounded he is sent to Normandy As our Americans Lee and Trey are preparing for D-day. S...

Views: 216 • Reviews: 0

Lang qun (2022)

During one of the missions, of the Wolf Pack squad led by Lao Diao who are engaged in overseas security work for a long time discovers that foreign terrorist fo...

Views: 196 • Reviews: 0

Retrograde (2022)

Tells the story of the last months of the 20-year war in Afghanistan through the intimate relationship between American Green Berets and the Afghan officers the...

Views: 133 • Reviews: 0



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