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Bad Mother (2018)

Short  Drama  Adult 

No plot available for Bad Mother

Views: 40,178 • Reviews: 7

BALLiSTIC (2018)

In a post-apocalyptic world, a young woman fights for survival as she recalls traumatic events from her childhood.

Views: 714 • Reviews: 6

Aeranger (2018)

An alien crashes during early earth history with repercussions seen today.

Views: 684 • Reviews: 5

Construct (2018)

No plot available for Construct

Views: 505 • Reviews: 3

Safe (2018)

Three masked intruders break into a Woman's home to retrieve an item from her safe. But what they get is much more than they bargained for.

Views: 577 • Reviews: 3

Bilby (2018)

Set in the Australian outback, 'Bilby' follows the desert-dwelling marsupial Perry through the trials and tribulations of "parenthood" after he saves a defensel...

Views: 390 • Reviews: 3

Roseanne Cancelled by ABC After Roseanne Barr Calls George Soros Out (2018)

Short  News 

Roseanne Cancelled by ABC After Roseanne Barr Calls George Soros Out

Views: 264 • Reviews: 3

Bullies (2018)

Eugene, a shy 10-year-old boy, is bullied every day until he discovers a secret underneath the school that keeps him safe, but there is a price to pay...

Views: 327 • Reviews: 2

Bird Karma (2018)

A tale of a long-legged bird's journey of blissful joy, inescapable greed and the accidental discovery of the consequences when too much is not enough.

Views: 130 • Reviews: 2

The Betrothed (2018)

An advertising executive, engaged to be married, is convinced he's being stalked by a succubus, but is afraid to tell his fiancée for fear of being labeled ...

Views: 172 • Reviews: 2

Dark Web (2018)

A screenwriter's decision to research the dark web has dire consequences.

Views: 705 • Reviews: 2

Megan (2018)

When a young Scientist becomes entangled in a military mission to deliver the only antidote that will save mankind, she finds herself not only fighting for surv...

Views: 91 • Reviews: 2

Vent (2018)

Short  Drama 

Three years after a widespread radiation leak, Rose is frustrated and determined to convince her controlling boyfriend, Parker, that she is ready to take the ga...

Views: 156 • Reviews: 2

Bao (2018)

A Chinese-Canadian woman suffering from empty nest syndrome gets a second shot at motherhood when one of her handmade dumplings comes alive.

Views: 693 • Reviews: 2

Cerdita (2018)

Short  Drama 

No plot available for Cerdita

Views: 137 • Reviews: 2

The Invaders (2018)

When a girl is followed on her way home, she finds herself facing a sinister force that threatens her entire existence.

Views: 77 • Reviews: 1

Sword of the Dead (2018)

SWORD OF THE DEAD is a proof of concept short film that follows a Ronin who upon returning home from exile finds the island he once knew plagued by a dark curse...

Views: 341 • Reviews: 1

The Hidebehind (2018)

Lost deep in the forest, a lone backpacker encounters a peculiar stranger.

Views: 168 • Reviews: 1

Best Friends Forever (2018)

Rachel has been missing for several days, her best friend Lucy desperately tries to keep her life together whilst Rachel is still missing . Soon it all begins t...

Views: 147 • Reviews: 1

Goodbye Old Friend (2018)

A young woman is trapped in her apartment by her childhood imaginary friend, who has come back to haunt her.

Views: 139 • Reviews: 1



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