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Derren Brown: Sacrifice (2018)

Illusionist Derren Brown concocts a psychological experiment in which he tries to manipulate an ordinary person into taking a bullet for a stranger

Views: 695 • Reviews: 3

2018 American Rescue Dog Show (2018)

The 2018 American Rescue Dog Show features shelter dogs of various breeds from across the country vying for top dog in the world's most adorable categories....

Views: 243 • Reviews: 2

RuPaul's Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular (2018)

'RuPaul's Drag Race' brings back eight fan favorites to compete for the title of America's first "Drag Race Xmas Queen."

Views: 381 • Reviews: 2

Alcatraz Escape: The Lost Evidence (2018)

The greatest prison break in history became America's most notorious cold case. The escape from Alcatraz in 1962 forced the government into a merciless manhunt....

Views: 433 • Reviews: 1

Derren Brown: Miracle (2018)

Illusionist Derren Brown reinvents the concept of "faith healing" through a series of stunts that debunk the confines of fear, pain and disbelief.

Views: 601 • Reviews: 0

Gay Hollywood Dad (2018)

Gay Hollywood Dad chronicles the first six months of single gay dad Quentin Lee juggling between raising his newborn baby by himself and making his means as an ...

Views: 268 • Reviews: 0

Best in Snow (2018)

This past holiday season, Travel Channel blessed us with an amazing special to get us seeing snow in a whole new way. With “Best in Snow”, we were able to see t...

Views: 102 • Reviews: 0

Miss USA 2018 (2018)

No plot available for Miss USA 2018

Views: 357 • Reviews: 0

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2018)

No plot available for The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Views: 100 • Reviews: 0


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